A Sword from the Embers Free PDF Download

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Publisher: Lumarias Press
Genres: Fantasy Books, Romance Books, Young Adult
Pages: 752 pages
ISBN13: 9781915534033
Tags: Fantasy Books, Romance Books, Young Adult Books, Free Books, PDF Books
Language: en
Type: Digital

The action-packed, captivating fifth instalment in the bestselling series AN HEIR COMES TO RISE from Chloe C. Peñaranda.

When a true heir awakens, a returning past can break. And when war follows, a lifelong vow may shatter.


Awakening from a dark defeat, Faythe discovers a greater threat to the life she took back. Staggering truths will challenge her and reveal that some bonds were forged to defy. With the battle lost, the war has just begun, and as an enemy is captured, it soon becomes clear a storm can be tamed but never bottled.


Her return to Rhyenelle stirs Faythe's rival to the throne. In this new twist of fate, against the pressures of the court, it's a test of strength and will to keep her cunning cousin at bay. Two hands reaching for a crown is a challenge bound to end in blood, but which one will bleed for their right to reign?


Still, no conflict in the realm can match that which began long ago. The time is now for Faythe to face her title of heir before kingdom. But not without the help of those tied in destiny may the Phoenix Queen rise should all burn and fall.


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