A Kiss From a Kraken Free PDF Download

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Publisher: Emma Carter
Genres: Fantasy Books, Paranormal Books, Romance Books
Pages: 100 pages
ISBN13: 9798987019276
Tags: Fantasy Books, Personal Development Books, Romance Books, Free Books, PDF Books
Language: en
Type: Digital

Melody Rivers would give anything to go back to the way things were. Before her father had bartered away the last of her late mother's possessions to become a wealthy fisherman. One absorbed with his own selfish wants he barely has time for Melody anymore.

But her father's exploits on the high seas have not gone unnoticed...

The Kraken of the Darksea arrives to seek payment for her father's theft of his fish. What he decides to take instead is Melody. Entranced by her beauty, the kraken will have her serve him in his bed chambers in his drowned palace for eternity.

Melody should be repulsed by this foul creature. However, she soon begins to realize he excites her more than he scares her. After saving her from a watery death Melody realizes that there's more to this beast than meets the eye. Will Melody give into his passion surfacing between them or let it drown in these dark waters of the sea?

This is a less than 20k words novella about a monster and a human that is all spice and not plot. For a full list of tropes and other information please check the author's website.


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