Cloud Cuckoo Land Free PDF Download

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Publisher: 4th Estate
Genres: Fantasy Books, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction
Pages: 640 pages
ISBN13: 9780008478650
Tags: Fantasy Books, Historical Fiction Books, Science Fiction Books, Free Books, PDF Books
Language: en
Type: Digital

'A dazzling epic of love, war and the joy of books' Guardian

'Ingenious, hopefuly and totally absorbing' Financial Times

'Buoyant with humanity' Daily Mail

When everything is lost, it's our stories that survive

How do we weather the end of things? Cloud Cuckoo Land brings together an unforgettable cast of dreamers and outsiders from past, present and future to offer a vision of survival against all odds.

Constantinople, 1453:

An orphaned seamstress and a cursed boy with a love for animals risk everything on opposite sides of a city wall to protect the people they love.

Idaho, 2020:

An impoverished, idealistic kid seeks revenge on a world that's crumbling around him. Can he go through with it when a gentle old man stands between him and his plans?

Unknown, Sometime in the Future:

With her tiny community in peril, Konstance is the last hope for the human race. To find a way forward, she must look to the oldest stories of all for guidance.

Bound together by a single ancient text, these tales interweave to form a tapestry of solace and resilience and a celebration of storytelling itself. Like its predecessor All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr's new novel is a tale of hope and of profound human connection.

'Wonderment and despair, love and destruction and hope - all find their place in its sumptuously plotted pages' Observer

'This engagingly written, big-hearted book is a must-read' Daily Mirror

'Serious novels are rarely this fun' The Times


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