Luck of the Demon #4 Free PDF Download

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Publisher: Bingeable Books LLC
Genres: Fantasy Books, Demons, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 358 pages
ISBN13: 9781959293040
Tags: Fantasy Books, Demons, Urban Fantasy Books, Free Books, PDF Books
Language: en
Type: Digital
Within a matter of days, Samael will turn to ash.And there's a high chance I'll die with him.

To save both our lives, I'm calling in every favor and debt owed to me.

I'll travel through realms.

I'll tussle with mythical creatures.

And I'll hand over the things I value most- even if it means playing right into Lucifer's hands.

I never could have imagined I'd risk everything for a demon. But what Samael and I have will always be worth fighting for. Even if it means ending treaties, severing friendships, and alienating our allies.

Because Samael is mine now.

And I protect what's mine.


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