Inner Demons (Deals with Demons #3) Free PDF Download

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Publisher: Bingeable Books LLC
Genres: Fantasy Books, Demons, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 394 pages
ISBN13: 9781959293033
Tags: Fantasy Books, Demons, Urban Fantasy Books, Free Books, PDF Books
Language: en
Type: Digital
He's an arrogant control freak.I'm a stubborn, loose cannon.We're a match made in hell.

Luckily, that's Samael's home town.

After the Mage Council publicly excised me, I've finally got my first real case. And I've even taken on a brand-new employee: a werewolf with impulse control issues.

But my sister just lost everyone she loves, and she's begging me to ask Samael for help.

Whether I like it or not, I need Samael's resources. Because anyone who can kill that many witches has the kind of power we can't afford to ignore. And there's no point dodging the demon who manages to involve himself in all of my problems.

But the more I work with Samael, the more I'm realizing just who he is beneath the mask he wears for everyone else.

And the demon I never wanted?

He may just be the love I never knew I needed.


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