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Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
Genres: Romance Books, Contemporary Books, Adult Books
Pages: 436 pages
ISBN13: 9798863173016
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I need a nanny, but I may need her more.

I know about my reputation as Never Harbor's secluded single dad. But I have everything I need: my imaginative son, my dog, and our remodeled cottage by the sea.

That is, until my nanny quits.

My brother's ex-fiancee, Wendy Darling, is an elementary school teacher with a free summer. The last thing I need is to get tangled in his mess, but my family thinks she's a perfect fit for the job. Turns out, she fits in better than I could have imagined.

Wendy is nothing like I expected. She's kind and adventurous, with a beautiful laugh that washes my worst nightmares away. She pushes past my silence and sees more of my true self than anyone has in years. And my six-year-old son is falling for her just as quickly.

Being with Wendy can never happen. Not when my younger brother is her ex-fiance. Not when she's so close to our family. Not when our small coastal town gossips the way that it does.

But after so long in the dark, Wendy makes me feel something. Falling for her feels a lot like flying instead.

I know happy endings only belong in fairy tales, but I'm close to stealing one for myself.

OFF THE HOOK is a grumpy-sunshine, single dad romance with lots of slow burn spice! This is book one in Never Harbor, a series of interconnected stand-alone contemporary romances inspired by Peter Pan.


  • Grumpy + sunshine
  • Single dad + nanny
  • Ex-fiance's older brother
  • Forced proximity
  • Coastal small town
  • Slow burn, open door romance


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