One Chance (The Sullivan Family #3) Free PDF Download

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Publisher: Lena Hendrix
Genres: Romance Books, Contemporary Books, Fiction Books
Pages: 370 pages
ISBN13: 9798861774109
Tags: Romance Books, Contemporary Books, Fiction Books, PDF Books, Free Books
Language: en
Type: Digital
Fake dating my best friend? Total disaster. With his cocky grin and devilish charm, firefighter Lee Sullivan makes every woman in our small town swoon. Every woman except for me. Which is why I’m shocked when he steps in at the town’s Matchmaker’s Gala and outbids my crush during the charity auction, committing us to six prearranged dates. Six dates where we, very publicly, pretend to be falling in love. Despite my objections and our efforts to set each other up with other people, Lee is convinced pretending to date each other is the perfect opportunity to get the women in town off his back (and out of his bed), while also helping to nudge my non-committal crush in the jealousy department. Stupidly, I agree. After the disastrous blind dates he set me up on, what’s a few months of letting Lee worship the ground I walk on? He owes me. Trouble is––every fake kiss, every lingering touch, every filthy word he whispers when no one is around––is starting to feel very, very real. We know everything about each other––from my orphaned past to his irrational hatred of dolls. The only secret I have ever kept from Lee spans all the way back to his time in the Army and it’s the one thing that could ruin our friendship forever. Because where Lee is concerned, I have learned to guard my heart. Suddenly, he’s asking for the opportunity to feel something real. He’s asking for the one thing he wouldn’t want if he ever knew the truth: one chance.


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